Embracing the Body: Renewing the Mind: Engaging the Spirit

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Workshops for PHW Western Summit

Select one of the following workshops for each session. To view the workshop descriptions, click here

Session 1:

Workshop 1 - Caring for Others, Caring for Self: Heart of Resilience 

Workshop 2 - Community Gardening 101: Faith Community Edition: FUMC Hickory Parable Garden: Gardening in Small Places 

Workshop 3 - Mental Health First Aid Trianing: How a Rural Church Partnered with Agencies and the local Health Department

Workshop 4 - The Story of Haywood Street and Harm Reduction 

Workshop 5 - Healthy Aging 

Session 2: 

Workshop 1- Idea of One or idea of Many?

Workshop 2 - Creation care as an integral practice for strong spiritual health and physical Health 

Workshop 3 - Community Gardening 101: Faith Community Edition: FUMC Hickory Parable Garden: Gardening in Small Places  

Workshop 4 - Healthy Aging 

Wokshop 5 - Rural Mental Health 

Workshop 6: Opioid Crisis/Harm Reduction