How Healthy is Your Health Ministry?

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How Healthy is Your Health Ministry?

Tuesday, February 20

7 p.m.

Completing the annual PHW Collaborative Pledge allows congregations to assess the work of their health ministries, but when is the last time you’ve done a check-up or upgrade on the work being done to promote health and wholeness in your congregation and community?


This webinar will explore resources that can be used to assess the relevance of existing program offerings as well as the community needs that have been identified by local health care providers, local government, and social services. While annual observances of health concerns are common, learn how you can use community health assessments to identify opportunities for community engagement and available resources. 


The webinar will further explore the systems that should be in place to protect the faith community and those who receive ministry services. Whether you lead a thriving health ministry or have just started one, this session will inspire you to find ways to maximize your effectiveness and reach.


February 20, 2024 from  7:00 PM to  8:20 PM
Online (Zoom)
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